• Precise location-based commerce

    Bluedot Innovation

    Powering the next generation of location-based commerce and social innovation

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  • GPS without battery drain

    Superior precision without the battery drain

    Achieve maximum GPS precision without the battery drain of traditional location services

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  • Highly scalable geolocation

    Limitless global growth

    No additional hardware is needed, allowing rapid and low-cost scaling across an entire business or customer-base

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  • Enterprise location services SDK

    High performance made simple

    An easy-to-use enterprise solution that facilitates high volumes

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  • Privacy friendly geofencing

    Privacy by design

    Delivering powerful performance without tracking or collecting the personal information of customers

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  • Location aware consumer applications

    Engaging customers like never before

    Drive sales by reaching customers at the exact time and place that‘s relevant to them

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Bluedot Innovation‘s cutting edge location services product – the Bluedot Point SDK - is powering the next generation of location-based apps.

Customers can be reached at the most relevant place and time because the Point SDK delivers the maximum achievable precision of GPS, but without the battery drain of traditional location services. This means the Point SDK enables location-based apps that were previously impossible.

The Point SDK is easy-to-use software that can be integrated into Android and iOS applications. It delivers powerful functionality by providing pre-built actions, such as opening websites, playing audio and sending marketing messages. These actions are performed by smartphones and tablets when they enter a precise location and can be turned on or off based on pre-set conditions, including the travel behaviour of customers or the date and time.

There‘s no need for additional hardware, allowing the Point SDK to be scaled across an entire business or high numbers of customers at low cost.

The back-end system – Bluedot Point Access – provides valuable analytics to understand customer behaviour and create genuine commercial value. This is all achieved while protecting the customer‘s privacy.

Point Access is highly intuitive and doesn‘t require technical expertise to operate. Bluedot Innovation typically hosts Point Access so that it can be easily accessed by clients. It can also be deployed to a client‘s environment if preferred, with custom packages able to be developed to suit most commercial scenarios and business models.


How it works

  1. Download the Bluedot Point SDK and integrate it into an app on Android or iOS.
  2. Login to the Bluedot back-end system - Bluedot Point Access.
  3. Find and highlight any location (using the built-in Google Maps Interface) that will react when a customer walks or drives through.
  4. Choose actions, like opening websites or sending tailored information that ‘trigger’ based on specific conditions.

Do you develop apps or have clients that need location services in their mobile solution? The Bluedot Distributor Program allows you
to retain 10% of all usage charges when your clients integrate the Bluedot Point SDK into their app. Register your interest today.

Use Cases

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce and Advertising

The future of mobile commerce – tailored marketing and offers delivered at the most relevant place and time.


Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence

Create commercial value from rich, contextual data, while safeguarding end-users' privacy.


Mobile Point-of-Sales

Engage customers at the most prominent locations and draw them to the merchant, before delivering offers and completing payments.

Smart City

Smart Cities

Connect individuals, businesses and governments in unprecedented ways as they live and work in the cities of the future.



Deliver content, directions, products and services for tourism, school campuses and other public spaces.


Major Events and Ticketing

Interact with customers, promote sponsors and sell tickets and merchandise at major events.


Business Solutions

Transform business operations through intelligent asset tracking, employee engagement and on-site content delivery.

Toll Roads

Vehicles and Transport

Enable cutting-edge mobile platforms for toll roads, congestion charging, parking and public transport.


The Point SDK is free to download and test! Fees only apply when customers begin using an app, so trying it out is risk free.

Pricing is based on the number of actions (such as emails, messages or tones) that customers trigger when they pass through a location and meet any pre-set conditions. This means that Bluedot Innovation only charges when it delivers real value.

Fees are typically charged monthly, although custom pricing is developed for enterprise-level clients. The cost for each action decreases the more the Point SDK is used, but there aren‘t any penalties if usage is less than expected.

    • Free

    • $0

      • Up to 2,000
      • monthly triggers
    • Starter

    • $55 /month

      • 2,000
      • monthly triggers
    • Small

    • $125 /month

      • 5,000
      • monthly triggers
    • Medium

    • $225 /month

      • 10,000
      • monthly triggers
    • Large

    • $550 /month

      • 30,000
      • monthly triggers

This pricing does not apply to the 'Bluedot Point' App in the AppStore, or to the 'Bluedot Point SDK Demo' on Google Play. These Apps are both free for unlimited use. All prices are in US Dollars. Prices do not include taxes or levies. Please see our Billing Policy for more information.


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Privacy by design

Privacy is Bluedot Innovation‘s core business. Its technology and business model have been developed according to the principle of ‘privacy by design’. This means the Point SDK has been designed from the ground up to lead the industry on privacy.

Most location services platforms claim to protect privacy but they still track customers and collect personal data. The Point SDK is different. Bluedot Innovation doesn‘t track end users or collect their personally identifiable information. ‘Data is also repeatedly anonymised to ensure customers can‘t be identified’. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

The Company has been advised by the former Australian Privacy Commissioner and his firm, Information Integrity Solutions (IIS), to ensure the latest privacy safeguards are in place. As a Bluedot Partner, IIS also offers clients tailored privacy assessments. Ask us for more information.


  • Location aware applications

    A leading international development house that builds some of the most innovative apps available. Appster can build custom solutions based on the Point SDK for clients who want to transform their business.

  • Privacy friendly geolocation

    The consultancy of the former Australian Privacy Commissioner, Malcolm Crompton, is a global consultancy specialising in data protection and privacy strategies. IIS provides strategic privacy and information security advice to Bluedot Innovation and its clients.

  • Location-based payments and commerce

    A global payments company that enables commerce for leading international companies. Braintree delivers the same payments solution for Bluedot Innovation‘s clients.

  • Technology startup accelerator

    An accelerator for international technology start-ups that‘s part of the Global Accelerator Network. Through ANZ and Innovyz START, Bluedot Innovation has been connected with some of the leading individuals and companies in mobile technology and beyond.

  • Innovative geolocation technology

    A highly experienced legal firm that assists Bluedot Innovation to advance, protect and defend the innovative intellectual property that is the core value of the company.

  • Government supported innovation

    With the support of the Australian Government, the company is contributing to Australia‘s development as an international leader in the technology industry.

  • Government supported innovation

    Rackspace provides a dedicated, highly secure and scalable hosting environment that allows Bluedot Innovation to service major corporate clients.

About Bluedot Innovation

Bluedot Innovation is a technology company that‘s changing what‘s considered possible by combining cutting-edge innovation and the highest quality execution. Through its ground breaking R&D and resulting intellectual property, it has overcome the problems that have typically prevented precise location-aware applications from being developed.

Bluedot Innovation is an enabler of location-based services and commerce across any industry where mobility and location can add value. The result is a new generation of location-aware applications powered by Bluedot technology.

Bluedot Innovation is committed to being a professional and ethical company that works with its clients and partners to deliver the most powerful and creative solutions to the market.

Filip Eldic - Co-Founder, Executive Director

Filip has assisted companies to launch successful location-based applications and leads the company‘s R&D program. He has wide-ranging training in IT, economics and international relations, and previously held a range of banking and financial roles.

Emil Davityan - Co-Founder, Executive Director

Emil was a cyber policy adviser at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, where he led complex commercial and technical initiatives across international governments and major technology companies. He was previously an adviser on international economic and financial policy, and also held a number of financial sector roles.

David Jaques - Chief Financial Officer, Director

David was the founding CFO of PayPal, where he was instrumental in raising private financing totalling $140 million and achieving a valuation of $680 million. David was also CFO of Nokia’s venture capital fund, BlueRun Ventures, and previously held roles with Barclays Bank and as Senior Vice President at Silicon Valley Bank.

Balendran Thavarajah - Chief Technology Officer

Balendran has managed major international projects, teams and budgets, and brings expertise across a broad range of technology platforms and methodologies. He was previously a development manager at Standards Australia and also held roles at Centrelink, Soul and DigiPlus, and as an associate lecturer at the University of Western Sydney.